10 reasons to get excited about camper vans

Posted On: August 5th, 2013 Under: Campervan Conversions, Campervan Holidays, Campervan Tours

If you’re tired of the same old, same old holiday pattern and want to choose when to explore and when to sit tight and chill, then the freedom and flexibility offered by a camper van may just be the solution that helps you make the most of your next holiday. Here’s why:

1. They’re great value for money

Camper vans may be relatively expensive to buy, but if they’re looked after properly they can often be resold for about the same price as the original investment. Running costs for a family or group of four are generally a lot less than the equivalent for a foreign holiday.

2. You save on car rental as well as accommodation

Once purchased, a camper van provides transport and accommodation, so holidaymakers can save on car rental as well as hotel bills and choose their preferred location and length of stay at the various well-serviced camping sites available.

3. You’re always on holiday

A camper van means every day of a holiday is an adventure. It’s up to you where you go and what you do – your ‘home’ and your home comforts are going with you.  Whatever you choose, one thing’s for sure: there’ll be no more dodgy hotels or guest houses to worry about!

4. They’re great fun for the kids

Just like camping in a tent, children are thrilled at the prospect of sleeping in a camper van and genuinely love the experience. Choose one with bunk beds to add to the excitement.

5. Outdoor living is made easy

Camper vans offer all the benefits of living outdoors without the drawbacks because the level of comfort and protection is that much greater than being under canvas. Sitting indoors at a table and eating a cooked meal is a definite improvement on struggling with a wet tent and a gas camping stove.

6. There’s lots of choice

Whereas one hotel room may look pretty much like any other, the variety of camper vans available is extensive and it’s possible to find everything from the compact, classic VW Type 2 – ideal for a couple and weekend breaks – to the luxurious motorhome with all mod cons capable of sleeping up to six people and travelling longer distances.

7. They’re ideal for tailor-made holidays

Campsites across the UK and Europe now boast a fine array of amenities and it’s possible to choose sites to suit personal preferences – many camper van owners search for sites that are dog free, near a pub or beach for example.

8. Absolutely perfect for last-minute trips

Many campsites advertise availability right up to the last minute, so after a tough week at work simply check the online listings for last-minute deals and enjoy a spontaneous weekend away – no hassle and minimum expense.

9. Every meal’s a picnic

One of the best things about a camper van is being able to store and cook your own food, so no need to eat out all the time – spoil yourself instead by cooking your favourite dishes.

10. You have the freedom to explore

Whether on the road or staying in one place, campervans give you the freedom and the means to explore the locality of your choice…the open road beckons.






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