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Start-Stop Systems and Regenerative Braking

A stop-start, and regenerative braking system is where a vehicle automatically shuts down when the vehicles resting to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Because of the way the charging system works on vehicles with a…

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Glamping in a Campervan

“Glamping”, the portmanteau of glamour and camping, is a relatively new word describing a kind of travel favoured by anyone who likes the idea of camping in the great outdoors, but without the soggy ground…

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6 Convincing Reasons to Live in a Camper Van

Campervan Life: Six Reasons to Live in a Camper & Hit the Road If you’re content with the limitations of living inside four walls, you probably wouldn’t dream of trading your comfortable, luxurious home for…

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At BASE you are the BOSS

Just wanted to touch BASE with our loyal supporters and let you know that our new premises are well on their way to completion and that we’re looking forward to expanding our business in the…

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The VW T6 Volkswagen Transporter Launched Today

The all-new Volkswagen Transporter T6 has been unveiled. Volkswagen Transporter. T6 Better fuel economy – new engines with stop/start function as standard Better safety – latest driver assistance systems More comfort and convenience – adaptive…

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Adolf, Ferdinand and the Splittie

In the beginning there was the Beetle.  And she was good. The love-bug child of Adolph Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche, she was the Fuhrer’s dream for a cheap, simple and mass produced people mover across…

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