Start-Stop Systems and Regenerative Braking

Posted On: November 15th, 2018 Under: Campervans, News

A stop-start, and regenerative braking system is where a vehicle automatically shuts down when the vehicles resting to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Because of the way the charging system works on vehicles with a start-stop braking system, there are a few issues that mean a battery-to-battery charger is now required. Now that some new VW campers have start, stop and regenerative braking systems, we have found that the voltage-sensitive relays are no longer up to the job.

Regenerative braking is when the battery needs to be charged when decelerating or braking, meaning that the alternator is activated to recharge the battery. In some start-stop braking systems, the leisure battery can become massively overcharged which in turn causes damage to the battery. Some systems are designed to only charge the battery to 80% to allow room for regenerative braking. This means that using a conventional relay means you never get a full charge into your leisure battery and this will also shorten the life of the battery and your appliance run time.

Here at Base Campers®, we have the technology to overcome these issues with the new generation of battery-to-battery chargers. These limit the current which is supplied to the second battery and also give a better charging cycle which in turn gives the leisure battery a longer life. These new chargers are voltage-controlled and have a heat sink built in the eliminate high current being sent through the system. Good technology carries with it a good price tag (!) but Base Campers® is working with our suppliers to get the best deals possible for our customers.

Battery to Battery Charger

We provide a C-TEK D250SA which is simple to install and configure and has a solar charge control built in £265 inc VAT (fitted!). If you would like us to fit one of these batteries in your VW campervan conversion then please get in touch. We can’t wait to assist you in making all your camper van dreams come true!



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