6 Convincing Reasons to Live in a Camper Van

Posted On: December 15th, 2015 Under: Campervan Life

Campervan Life: Six Reasons to Live in a Camper & Hit the Road

If you’re content with the limitations of living inside four walls, you probably wouldn’t dream of trading your comfortable, luxurious home for an unpredictable life on the open road. However, if you have a sense of adventure and a hunger to experience all the world has to offer, a life of traveling in a campervan is a dream come true. Here are six great reasons you might want to consider switching to a mobile lifestyle.

1. More Time to Bond with Family

When you and your family live together in a camper, you get to know each other in ways that you simply couldn’t while living in a traditional home. You eat meals together, solve problems together and explore new ideas and places. Even the family dog can always be part of the fun.

Free with Family

Credit: Lulu Ash

2. The Freedom of the Open Road

Nothing compares to the freedom of choosing your own location, schedule and lifestyle. On the road, your home is wherever you want it to be, and you can change where you live at any time. Because of your minimalist lifestyle, you can also spend less time working.


Feeling Space. Even when you are living in a small mobile box.

3. It’s a More Affordable Lifestyle

When you camp your way through life, you never pay rent or mortgage payments. Many areas allow you to camp free of charge, and it’s fairly easy to find free resources and conveniences like clean water and charging stations for electronics. If you can work online while you travel, you can maintain your income. With careful planning, you can meet your basic needs of food, mechanical upkeep and fuel with plenty of money left over for fun or savings.

4. More Opportunities for Personal Growth

Living in a van helps you gain a new perspective on life. You’ll be forced to face the unknown and overcome obstacles and unexpected changes such as severe weather and getting lost. If you allow the lifestyle to impart valuable life lessons, you can develop more confidence and inner peace.

5. The World Will Inspire You

While traveling, you’ll be exposed to the full beauty of the world around you without distractions. You’ll also discover more about different cultures than you’ll ever learn through the media. With so much to inspire you, your natural creativity will come to life.


Be Inspired… Be Outdoors

6. It’s Environmentally Friendly

Living on the road, you consume less. You take up less space, you waste fewer resources, and you contribute less to pollution. You’ll still be consuming fuel, but your carbon footprint will shrink.

Are You Ready to Take to the Open Road?

If you’re convinced that exploring the world in a campervan is the perfect way to live, it’s time to start making plans. Before choosing or converting your van, make a list of all the attributes you want your vehicle to have. Be sure to consider how many people and pets will be along for the ride, and don’t overcrowd your interior space with unnecessary appliances and gadgets that you don’t really need. When you have an idea what you want, create a budget, hire a great camper conversion team, and start mapping out your new adventure.


Open Road… Open Mind

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