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The web team at Solve lovingly crafted this website. Solve supplies all the relevant services to keep us ahead of the curve and visible online.

Green Website Hosting

Did you know that internet usage generates more carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than air travel? One way to reduce the negative environmental impact of the internet is by using
green hosting for your website. Green hosting refers to hosting providers that use renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, to power their servers and offset their carbon emissions. Solve is a Certified B Corporation, meaning that we meet the highest standards for social and environmental impact. By choosing Solve for your website hosting needs, you can be assured that you are not only getting a high-performance solution but also contributing to a more sustainable and socially responsible internet.

The core website services offered by Solve include:

  • Mobile-friendly web design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • WordPress maintenance
  • Optimised Green Hosting
  • Optimised content creation

If you are interested in boosting your online presence, get in touch with Solve and get seen online!