How a VW Campervan Conversion Moved Grown Men to Tears…(Really)

Posted On: December 20th, 2016 Under: Campervan Conversions, Campervan Life

We recently read an article in The Guardian which most definitely tugged at the heartstrings of one or two VW campervan devotees here at Base Campers® HQ. It rang very true and a few of us were so moved that we can’t deny a fat tear or two rolled down our cheeks as we read about a man’s deep love for his VW campervan conversion (must’ve been a bit of sand in the eye though, right?).

The man writing the article (Gavan Naden) spoke about what “Dave” (as he had named his classic vintage orange splitty) meant to him as a man and a father. He first bought his type 2 classic orange VW campervan shortly after divorcing from his children’s mother and, from then on, it became synonymous with being a dad, sleeping under the stars, sizzling sausages in the open air and bonding with his kids. For him the VW campervan (and the lifestyle it brings) became synonymous with fatherhood and represented everything he strived to be – dependable, fun and always there. Gavan loved being able to take his children away at a moment’s notice to Cornwall for a surfing weekend or to go mountain biking in the New Forest without the hassle of setting up a tent and sleeping under canvas. The beautiful old orange VW campervan was always prepped and ready to go; the fridge always stocked, store cupboard always full and the beds always ready to be unfurled. It was easy. It was fun. And it was magical.

Free with Family

As the children grew up and left home they no longer saw their dad so regularly at weekends and no longer needed to use the camper as an exam revision space or spare bedroom. They no longer went away on trips with their old dad, and “Dave” was left feeling a little neglected. The man still loved his VW campervan with all his heart and kept him regularly serviced and looked after, but he knew that “Dave” wasn’t fulfilling his potential as a VW campervan and so it was time for them to say their farewells and part company (cue sand in eye).

A Bespoke VW Campervan Conversion for All

Now if only Gavan had got in touch with us here at Base Campers® we could have breathed new life into “Dave” and they wouldn’t have to have parted ways at all! We could have spoken to him and found out what kind of trips he wanted to go on now that his family had shape-shifted, and what his new solo requirements were. The article tells us how he dreamed of doing a trip around Europe, and by introducing some clever designs and intelligent functionality, we could have converted “Dave” into a true dream machine which would make the man’s Europe trip a reality!


A VW campervan conversion which is fully kitted-out with luxury interiors offers a unique freedom quite unlike anything else. You get to spend more time enjoying the good life, getting outdoors and experiencing new places in luxury. From stylish interiors to power management systems and pop top roofs, there’s nothing we can’t do. Everything is custom-made and done in-house with a meticulous (almost obsessive) attention to detail. Sub-standard pre-fab packs and MDF are banned from our workshop, but high-end materials like Superva (lightweight furniture board), and VW Rusty Lee Rock and Roll beds are standard.


No aspect of a VW campervan conversion is beyond us; whatever your idea, bring it on – just like your adventure, anything is possible.

Poor old “Dave”… if only Gavan had come to us  <<SOBS>>


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