Campervan Carpet Lining

We offer the complete carpet lining solution for your van / campervan. Our expert fitter (previously a flooring installer by trade) will insulate and carpet line you interior to perfection.

We use a recycled plastic insulation on all the large cavities, in the roof space and a few other places. Where the void is smaller, we use the Dodo Thermo Liner, this is a professional 7mm sound and heat insulation material, for a quieter and warmer van, camper or motorhome. The 7mm liner is a thermal equivalent to 100mm of glass wool. We then fit new plywood panels throughout, including a one piece ply roof lining with soft white leds and a switch mounted just by the sliding door for easy access. We do not use the existing vw panels, as the specialist high temperature glue required to fit them, can warp the panels over time   

The carpet lining material stretches in all directions so we can guarantee no wrinkles, darting, or overlapping. Prices may be variable subject to van design and requests.

While you looking at our carpet lining service why not check the campervan flooring options.

Carpet Lining for Vw T4  T5 / T6  

Insulation Ply and Carpet lining Inc side roof and door panels

Insulation Ply and Carpet lining Inc side roof and door panels with 2 warm white led lights and single switch

Insulation Ply and Carpet lining Inc side roof and door panels with 4 warm white led lights and double switch

Install 2mm Silent Coat in Vehicles Internal Metal Panels.
This Absorbs and Reduces Vibrations, Rattles and Road Rumbles.

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Here are some points we are proud off:

  • The wheel arches, sides will be moulded and shaped from one piece of lining material. No Joins
  • The two side walls will then be lined in one piece no joints or over laps.
  • All door and side panels will be made from 5.5mm Hardwood ply and lined in matching fabric

We would like to indicate that all products used are the best on the market the glues are tested to 90 degrees so no chance of any future peeling of the lining materials.

Cheaper Van Carpet Lining Limited Offer